Young anglers holding Mackerel

King and Spanish Mackerel Have Arrived

Above: A boat full of Naples youth anglers (Travis, Brett, Daniel, Seth Watts, and Wyatt, Peter, Collin, Gabe Murk having a blast catching Spanish mackerel aboard the A and B outside of Gordon Pass. 

Fast action on bait

With the change of season winds blowing this week it has made it difficult to make it off shore but the change of season also brought the migration of King and Spanish right along the beach. Wherever you see birds and bait inside of 3 miles from the beach, you will find a mackerel feeding frenzy. The A&B, located in Naples Florida, was able to get clients on very fast action and aggressive fighting Spanish and King mackerel while using live pilchards on spinning tackle and wire leader.

The frenzy continued on chrome spoons

Also a great technique we used was trolling any type of chrome spoons on the surface or a few feet below worked the best. These fish are very water temperature sensitive, follow the baitfish and are from Big Marco Pass to Clam Pass as of this week.

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