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This distant region started to attract interest when the Naples Town Improvement Company was founded by an organization of Tallahassee businessmen. Early Naples FL Fishing HistoryIn 1887, the Naples Town Improvement Company was reorganized under several leading Kentucky business leaders headed by Civil War general and U.S. Senator, John S. Williams. Jointly with newspaperman Walter N. Haldeman, they formed the Naples Company and established an ambitious town-building plan based on tourism and future railway and sea trade. Much of the basis for development and Naples’ remarkable growth was set after World War II. From a total of several hundred individuals in 1930, within twenty years the city’s year round population more than tripled. The airport was dedicated as the Naples America Airport in 1953 and was returned to the town and county. Despite a promising start, the Naples Company fell and for another thirty years, Naples stayed a private winter getaway for a smattering of well to do Ohio and Kentucky families. Years of isolation reached Naples and started to draw as roads and railroads permeated the Florida wilds.

Early Fishing in Naples

Situated on serene waters of the the Gulf of Mexico, Naples has always been known for superb fishing, drawing fisherman here even as early as the 1920s. Other than being made of wood rather than fiberglass, the fishing charter boats used at that time really were not too different then the boats that are popular today. Obviously, the electronics and power systems are much more sophisticated, but hull design for deep sea fishing has remained nearly the same.

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