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Grouper Fishing

Grouper can be found year round in FL, it simply depends upon how far you’re willing to journey! During the cooler parts of the year, where they are able to get some warmer water groupers go closer to land. If you don’t have the means to travel too far abroad this is the greatest time of the year. During warmer summer months the fish are further offshore, but the seas are not usually stormy.

Where to Find Grouper

Regardless of where the fish are you’ll never locate a grouper far from structure. Search for them near the shallow reefs and/or artificial reefs, along the borders of steep channels, bridges, and along bottoms and residential docks.

Grouper Fishing Tackle

Grouper Fishing Gear

Grouper can be pretty big, some typically between 50 and 100 pounds. Other grouper including Goliath Grouper, get up to 500 pounds, or more! The very first time you set a hook on one, you might believe you’ve hooked the bottom. Make no mistake, hefty fishing gear is needed for grouper, if you're going to have any chance of landing them. Standard fishing gear is the finest method to go for large grouper whether bottom fishing, trolling or on inshore structure. You're going to need a beefy reel capable of 80-to-100 pound test line to put the pressure on right away, and get the fish away from the bottom structure.

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